If you haven’t used notational velocity on a Mac OS computer you are missing out :)

It is an incredibly powerful tool.

I wanted the same freedom and flexibility while taking notes in meetings but I obviously wanted to use emacs to do it.

emacs deft

First emacs deft is a great plugin, did everything I wanted. Filter, search, edit, and create buffers with ease.

The more I used, it the more I hacked it to do what I wanted. One day I realized that I was already using a phenomenal incremental search and narrowing framework - emacs helm!!

I’ve been using helm-git-grep and helm-ls-git for a while. Put those 2 functions together and you have exactly what I wanted. A git backed, incremental search and narrowing framework that searches both content and filenames. This is key! - In fact this was so useful that I started using it for all my git based repos.

This is my default way of navifgating all repositories. I just think of ideas, don’t really care wether it is the name of a file or a comment in a file. I want it all, in an easy to use interface.

This is the result: